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Millards 100 Year Bike Show 5th July 2008.

To celebrate our 100 years in Guernsey Millard & Co Ltd  on 5th July 2008  hosted the largest bike show ever in Guernsey. Victoria Road was closed and bikes from all ages were show. At 12 O’clock a 400 Motorcycle Cavalcade (with Police Escort) set off from Bulwer Avenue, St Sampson's led By British Super Bike Rider Michael Rutter &  The fastest man around the Isle Of  Man, John McGuiness  & Steve Clifford (from our sponsors Feridax). The Cavalcade  proceeded along the sea front and through St Peter Port and made its way to Trinity Square. On arrival our celebrities were met by a 1908 Thomas Millard look alike.

Show Facts

It is estimated that about 400 bikes took part in the cavalcade, which at was arriving in St Peter Port while the end was just leaving the end of Bulwer avenue.

We know from the amount of returned voting slips that over 2000 people attended the show.

The Winners

Best In Show:  Vincent-HRD 1000cc Series C 1953 owned by Martyn Lownes and Bill Salmon.

Best British:  Triton owned by Phil Ozanne

Best Japanese:  Suzuki GT750A 1976 owned by Martyn Le Page

Best Euro/American:  Kendal Johnson American Chopper 2005 owned by Alison Hamon.

Best Scooter:  Lambretta Li Special 1965 owned by Christine Ferbrache.

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